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USB 3.0 5 port Car Charger

USB 3.0 5 port Car Charger

The VisionTek Five Port USB Car Charger is the while-you-drive multiple device charging solution with industry-leading convenience features. It turns any standard 12V power accessory outlet found in cars, SUVs, and trucks into a powerful mobile device charger that can charge up to five devices simultaneously as fast as the factory adapter.**

 It features two 2.4A ports on the charger plus another 2.4A port on the power outlet plug so you can charge iPads®, tablet computers and smartphones with higher amperage power charging requirements. The two 1A ports on the charger are ideal for charging small mobile devices like Apple® iPods® and iPhones®.

Key Features

Intelligent and Safe Charging
The Five Port Car Charger uses intelligent charging technology to auto detect what charging current an attached device utilizes and then provides safe charging of the device. This intelligent circuitry also provides protection against over-voltage and short-circuits.

Charging Where Driver & Passengers Need It

A built-in seat pocket hook lets you safely hang the charger for easy rear seat passenger accessibility. An extra long five foot cord ensures the unit will be within fingertip reach of passengers even in extended cab vehicles.

Illuminated Ports For Easy Nighttime Use

To enable quick and easy charging cable connections in a dark vehicle cabin, the Five Port Car Charger features blue LED backlit charging ports.

Two Charging Devices In One

For front seat only charging convenience or when you only need to charge a single device, the power outlet plug with its own 2.4A USB port can be used separately from the four port housing by simply disconnecting the power cord.

Charges Legacy to Latest Devices

Because the Five Port Car Charger utilizes the common USB connector found on a wide variety of devices, all of your new and old USB devices can be charged at their optimum rate and speed.


  • Power Outlet Plug: 1 x up to 2.4A charging port
  • Smart Charger: 2 x up to 2.4A charging ports, 2 x up to 1A charging ports
  • Total Output: 40 watts/8 amps
  • Power Outlet Plug: 1.22 in D x 2.83 in H (31mm x 72mm),
  • Smart Charger: 5.11 in L x 0.21 in W x 0.94 in H (130mm x 5.5mm x 24mm)
  • Weight: 6.10 oz (0.173Kg)
  • Input Voltage: DC 12V-24V
  • Power Cord Length: Five feet
  • Device Compatibility: iPad, iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone; mobile phones; Android™ & Windows® tablets; Kindles, Nooks & eReaders; handheld gaming consoles; 3-D glasses; virtually any USB chargeable device
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS compliance
  • Warranty: One Year

**Depending on how many devices are charging simultaneously and the maximum charging requirements of the devices.

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