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VisionTek CryoBlock and Backplate bundle by EKWB

VisionTek CryoBlock and Backplate bundle by EKWB

Give your Radeon™ R9 290 or R9 290X* graphics card the CryoVenom treatment with a DIY liquid cooling upgrade!

The VisionTek CryoBlock is a custom-engineered full cover waterblock solution from EKWB, the leaders in PC liquid cooling technology.  Each block comes pre-qualified from the factory ensuring it has passed a leak test, so you can rest assured that when you assemble your new liquid cooled graphics solution, you are getting the best of the best.  


Make your existing R9 290 or R9 290X graphics card quieter and cooler. Liquid cooled PCs are typically hailed as the way to go, not only for speed and performance, but in terms of noise reduction as well. If you're looking to cut back on noise so you can better enjoy your PC use experience, liquid cooling is the way to go.**


VisionTek CryoBlock Key Features:


  • Pressure-test certified to ensure leak free operation.
  • Narrow micro-channel fin and low pressure drop design provide maximum cooling performance for the GPU, RAM, and Voltage Regulation Module (VRM) even when low power water pumps are utilized.
  • Electrolytic copper base is clad with a chrome appearance-like nickel plating to prevent corrosion while the precision cut acrylic top provides effective and quiet fluid flow.
  • CNC machined black anodized aluminum backplate protects your card’s sensitive circuit board components during installation handling while also providing additional passive cooling for the VRM.


*The VisionTek CryoBlock fits all reference-design Radeon R9 290 and R9 290X graphics cards. It will not fit non-reference models. If you are unsure if your graphics card is a reference design or not, please contact your card manufacturer direct.


**In addtion to the waterblock, you will need to complete your liquid cooling system with a reservoir tank, pump, radiator fan, coolant, and coolant tubing, all of which must be purchased separately.


Important notes: The use of a silver biocide additive in a CryoVenom liquid cooling system is not recommended and may void your warranty.  Additionally, removing the fan from your graphics card and replacing it with a liquid cooling block may void your warranty with your graphics card manufacturer. If you are concerned about voiding your warranty, please contact you graphics card manufacturer direct.

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