Hybrid Office Is Here to Stay - Why You Need the VT4510

Mixed onsite and remote work offices are more common than ever before, and the consensus is that the hybrid policy is going to stick around for workers in countless industries, and especially those related to tech and e-commerce.

Elevating the Laptop

With the online nature of the current and future workforce, the laptop has become the standard tool across the board, chosen for its pricing and convenience for travel. That said, the portability of the laptop does come with some clear limitations.

Modern laptops often sacrifice port accessibility for the sake of a sleek and thin look, but the demand for connectivity hasn’t changed. In addition to connecting their accessories, most users in professional environments are looking for extra external monitors to expand their screen space.

The VT4510 Docking Station

This is where the VT4510 comes in. Offering dual monitor extensions and 100W power delivery, VisionTek’s newest docking station is a powerhouse that transforms a simple laptop into a bonafide workhorse.

Favorably reviewed and fit for every workstation, the VT4510 dock is paving the way for new at-home and remote tech. One cable connects you to a dock that offers connections to two external monitors,

Changing the Look

Many of today’s port-friendly docks are bulky, crude, and occupy much-needed space on your workplace desk. The VT4510 is built differently.

Sporting a diverse and numerous collection of ports, the VT4510 uses a single USB-C cable connection to provide access to a dual monitor extension as well as ports for data transfer, an audio/video jack, connection to HD webcams, and a gigabit ethernet connection. Even with all this connectivity, the VT4510 maintains a slim and manageable form factor that cleans up desk space, makes cable management simple (or unnecessary), and ensures you don’t need to sacrifice functionality when modernizing the look of your at-home set-up.

Taking the Next Step Toward Efficiency

At the end of the day, whether it’s hybrid work or a full-time remote office, working professionals now need the right equipment to be efficient at home. It’s time to stop worrying about digging around for the right cables and use a dock that has everything you need in one place.



  • 100W Power Delivery
  • Dual 4K Monitor Support 
  • 4 x USB-A
  • 2 x USB-C
  • 2 x DisplayPort Ports
  • 2 x HDMI
  • Audio & Mic Input
  • Gigabit Ethernet Connection
  • Compatible with All Major Brands (Dell, Apple (including Mac M1, HP, Lenovo)
  • Universal System Compatibility (Windows, macOS & chromeOS)

Ready for use with the most popular systems: Windows, MacOS, and ChromeOS.

Part #: 901484

UPC: 810078050416

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