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Display Connection Simplified

Easily convert the display connection on your laptop, desktop or tablet to match your display. VisionTek adapters and cables allow for a world of connection flexibility. VisionTek offers a range of cables and adapters for a variety of display types from DisplayPort™, Mini DisplayPort™, HDMI®, DVI, VGA, USB and Thunderbolt™ 3.


Fast connections to adapt your source signal to match your display


Convert your display connection with a single cable solution

Output devices such as a graphics card, laptop or tablet all have different ports that may not match your intended display. VisionTek offers cable and adapter solutions to convert and adapt display signals.

Passive adapters and cables

Passive adapters and cables rely on the host device to output and make any signal conversions. Most conversions require an active adapter. For DisplayPort if your host device supports DP++ you can usually connect up to 2 displays with passive connections. If your host device is not DP++ an active DisplayPort adapter is required.

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Active adapters and cables

Active adapters and cables have a chip that converts the signal in the cable or adapter. Convert a DisplayPort signal to your display connection type easily. Connect and output to more than 2 converted DisplayPort signals allowing for multiple displays. VisionTek cables and adapters are all active where necessary to eliminate the guesswork.

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USB-C Cables

Reversable universal cables that can charge your USB-C devices up to 100W of power delivery, connect a 4K display at 60Hz and transfer data at up to 20Gbps.

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*Feature support varies by cable and adapter as well as host device specifications.