VisionTek® Graphics Cards

Visiontek offers a range of graphics card solutions for an assortment of applications. Featuring the latest AMD Radeon® Graphics Cards for intense gaming, productivity cards with multi-monitor support for business applications and external graphics enclosures for mobile expansion.

AMD Radeon Graphics Cards

Improve gaming performance, run higher resolutions and faster frame rates

Business Multi-Monitor Graphics

Expand productivity in corporate, professional and digital signage applications

Thunderbolt™ 3 eGFX GPU Enclosures

Expand graphics performance of a Thunderbolt™ 3 equipped computer, laptop or Mac

Upgrade your system with a VisionTek® Graphics Card

Improve framerates, higher resolutions

Expand multiple displays improve multitasking

Easy to install

Up to 3-Year Limited Warranty

Graphics Card Solutions


GPU upgrades improve graphical performance in gaming and 3D applications. With the latest AMD Radeon® graphics run modern games at improved graphical fidelity and higher framerates.


Restaurant owners, wow your customers with Digital Signage Menus. Easily update your offerings on your system and have them displayed beautifully on up to six screens in 4K brilliance. Let your live action menu entice customers!


Stay up to date on trades and notifications. By installing one of our multi monitor graphics cards, you can expand your workspace, keeping all of your information in front of you and accessible. Success comes to those who are prepared.


Showcase your business with a Digital Signage video wall. Individual display settings allow for complete flexibility in orientation and placement. Announce your VIP guests, keep employees informed, showcase your business with a multi display video card.


Expand your desktop with multiple displays allowing for better efficiency and improved multitasking capabilities. Have web browser windows, spreadsheets and email up and accessable at the same time.

*Warranty varies by product, full warranty requires product registration within 30 days of purchase. Without registration, warranty period defaults to 1 year.