VisionTek Unveils VT4950 KVM Docking Station: A Triple-Display, Dual-System Solution Tailored for Today's Professional and Remote Work Environments

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – July 2023 – VisionTek Products LLC (VisionTek®), a recognized leader in the field of high-performance upgrades and accessories for PCs and Macs, today announced the introduction of the VisionTek VT4950 KVM docking station. 

This innovative product is the upgraded successor to the previously celebrated VT4900 KVM docking station and is designed to enhance the workflow of users in today's professional and remote work environments. The VT4950 enables users to seamlessly swap between two connected Windows™, Mac™, or Chromebook™ host systems with to up to three 4K displays, accessories, and peripherals through a single USB-C connection to each.

"The VT4950 simplifies the process of switching between systems, saving users valuable time and making their workflow more efficient," said Nick Bill, director of product development and product marketing. “This frees these users from the tedium of unplugging and reconnecting everything as they switch between systems, resulting in significant time savings.”

The VT4950 allows users to customize their display setup, choosing to operate all displays on one system or distribute them between two systems. This flexibility is ideal for professionals who need to run multiple systems simultaneously, such as having a Bloomberg™ Terminal operating in the background while working on another machine.

The VT4950 also caters to users who work across different operating systems, such as editing in Windows™ while referring to a Mac™ screen. With the VT4950, users can operate in both systems simultaneously, eliminating the need to disconnect and reconnect peripherals. The VT4950 utilizes dual USB-C connections to host systems, providing KVM switching between two systems and three displays via DisplayLink™ and DisplayPort over USB-C, along with up to 100W power delivery to each system. Other key VT4950 features include:

• Dual-System Connectivity: The VT4950 facilitates seamless integration of two Windows™, Mac™, or Chromebook™ host systems with up to three 4K displays, accessories, and peripherals via a single USB-C connection to each system.

• Power Delivery: The docking station provides robust power delivery to each connected system, ensuring optimal performance and eliminating the need for additional power sources.

• Flexible Display Options: The VT4950 offers users the flexibility to customize their display setup, allowing all displays to operate on one system or to be distributed between two systems. This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals who need to run multiple systems simultaneously.

• Universal Compatibility: The VT4950 is designed with universal compatibility, supporting USB-C and Thunderbolt™ 3 systems, including the M1 Mac™. This ensures broad usability across a variety of devices.

High-Speed Ports: The docking station is equipped with multiple USB 3.1 Gen 2 Ports and a USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Port, all offering high-speed data transfer. Additionally, it includes multiple DisplayPort 1.4, an HDMI 2.0, and an RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Port.

Swapping Software: Included KVM Link software expands, switches and shares displays and accessories between systems. The software allows for file transfer on the fly between the two connected systems as well.

"VisionTek recognizes the increasing complexity of modern workspaces, particularly with the rise of remote work and the need for multi-system usage," said Michael Innes, president of VisionTek. "The VT4950 is our response to these challenges, offering a solution that makes multi-system management incredibly convenient."

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