Flexible Remote Radiology Reading Solution

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eGFX Home Read Station

For Healthcare Professionals, controlled workstation environments and a “work-life balance” is extremely important. Remote or home working options can help to attract and retain millennial radiologists. This generation is highly tech-savvy and aware of the risks of working in exposed hospital scan offices. For them, videoconferencing and online consultations have become a more efficient and productive approach for their work.

There's a growing trend in radiology towards doctors doing more reading outside of the hospital. But when working remotely, how can you rely on the same level of quality, security and performance you get from a medical workstation in the hospital reading room?

To answer those questions, Barco and VisionTek partnered to develop a solution specifically designed for remote radiology reading. Together we are tackling the issues of technology compatibility and performance, security and patient privacy, as well as quality and compliance.

From Laptop to Medical Display

Meet Barco’s remote reading solution with the validated eGFX box and MXRT display controller connected by Thunderbolt™ 3. Small in size but enormous in performance, this solution can drive any high-resolution display used for medical imaging applications. Simply connect your laptop to the box to start reading medical images and get access to additional features, such as Barco’s clinical tools and QAWeb.

As a radiologist, with the eGFX Home Read Station you're all set to start reading at home. It's a flexible and mobile radiology workstation solution that assures dependable image quality and consistent workflow wherever and whenever you are working. Using an eGFX station connected over Thunderbolt™ 3, you can enjoy the same imaging performance, workflow productivity and tools at home as in the hospital.

Compatible with Barco display systems and validated mobile workstations from Lenovo, Dell, and HP, you'll lose no time or effortin configuring and supporting remote reading stations. With QAWeb Enterprise, quality and compliance of all workstations can bemanaged remotely, so software updates and security scans can be executed easily.

Remote reading allows radiologists to work more efficiently, ensure optimal working conditions and enables a flexible work schedule. On-call, weekend and late-evening duties, for example, can be performed at home instead of at the hospital. With the millennial generation and digital natives entering the workforce, home reading is becoming a standard benefit in radiology hiring.

What do radiologists need to work from home?

When reading diagnostic exams at home, whether occasionally or full-time, a diagnostic display is required. While radiologists may have a PACS system in their home, it requires considerably more to ensure the same level of performance, quality and security you have come to expect from medical workstations in the hospital reading room.

More about Barco

Barco is a global technology leader that develops networked visualization solutions for the entertainment, enterprise and healthcare markets. Our solutions help people to enjoy compelling entertainment experiences; they foster knowledge sharing and smart decision-making in organizations and help hospitals provide their patients with the best possible healthcare. Barco's extensive line-up of high-precision display systems brings accuracy and efficiency to a broad range of healthcare disciplines, including radiology, mammography, surgery, dentistry, pathology, point-of-care, and clinical review imaging.