VisionTek mSATA Internal SSD (SATA)
VisionTek mSATA Internal SSD (SATA)
VisionTek mSATA Internal SSD (SATA)

VisionTek mSATA Internal SSD (SATA)

The VisionTek mSATA SSD is great for notebook and Ultrabook computers, tablets, and desktop machine motherboards with an onboard mSATA port.

  • Max Sequential Reads up to 540MB/s
  • Max Sequential Writes up to 425MB/s
  • Max 4K Random Writes up to 60K IOPS
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VisionTek mSATA Internal SSD (SATA)

Whether you desire a lightning-fast boot drive, a second Solid State Drive-based storage drive, or a SSD cache drive to speed up your primary hard drive, the VisionTek 240GB mSATA SSD is built to deliver reliable, high performance.

This ultra-portable, low-power storage solution is one eighth the size of a traditional 2.5" hard disk drive (HDD), yet because it's engineered with industry-leading DuraClass technologies, the VisionTek mSATA SSD can deliver data rates up to 540MB/s, up to 100x greater data reliability than a costly Enterprise class HDD, and access times up to 50x faster than a conventional HDD. It’s SATA 6G ready, but backward compatible with SATA 3G and 1.5G machines too, making the VisionTek mSATA SSD a versatile storage performance booster for a wide variety of devices.

Speed / Performance

Start your system in seconds, load files almost instantly, and accelerate the most demanding applications with VisionTek solid state drives. With the advancements in SSD technology, you can open a program and have it load immediately. Unlike a mechanical hard drive, an SSD has no moving parts ensuring faster performance, longer device life and more secure data.

Easy to Install

A solid state hard drive is easy to install, in just a few minutes time you can upgrade your internal system storage. No need to pay someone else, the installation of an SSD is quick and easy! Consult your system manufacturers documentation for system specific installation instructions.



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