Second-Gen GaN Adapters Are Changing the Way Mobile USB-C Charging Works

The product development team at VisionTek is excited to introduce the latest in a collection of PC accessories that are changing the way we operate on a daily basis with our technology: second generation GaN chargers.

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and this is especially true when it comes to charging our devices. In the past, charging devices was a slow and bulky process, but this is no longer the case thanks to the introduction of modern wall chargers. GaN chargers have ushered in a new era of fast, efficient power for mobile devices and now, larger devices such as tablets and laptops.

Development of second generation GaN chargers iterated on early GaN technology to become much smaller, faster, and safer than traditional chargers. GaN II chargers, also known as gallium nitride chargers, are a new type of power adapter that have taken the world by storm.

The Technology

Gallium nitride (GaN) chargers are the newest type of wall adapter offering several benefits over traditional silicon-based chargers. Before digging into VisionTek’s new line of GaN II chargers, let’s first explore the advantages of GaN chargers and how they can improve your charging experience.

Faster Charging

One of the biggest benefits of GaN chargers is that they can charge devices faster than traditional chargers. This is due to the more efficient semiconductor material used in GaN chargers, which allows for a higher current flow and faster charging times. With traditional chargers, charging your devices could take hours, but with GaN II chargers, you can charge your devices much faster, allowing you to spend less time waiting for your devices to charge and more time using them.

Smaller Size

The smaller size of GaN II chargers is achieved using gallium nitride in the charger's internal components, which is a more advanced material than the silicon used in traditional chargers. These chargers are small – really small. You can easily fit a 65W GaN charger in your pocket, making it the perfect companion for travel. Say goodbye to bulky power bricks and hello to compact and portable charging. This is great for people who are always on the go and need to charge their devices while traveling or in the office, taking up less space in your bag, in your luggage, or simply on the wall.

Higher Power Density

GaN chargers can deliver more power in a smaller package, which allows for more punch in a more compact form factor. This is great for people who need to charge multiple devices at once or for those who need a charger that can handle more powerful devices such as laptops and tablets. VisionTek’s new GaN II chargers are multi-port and (with the appropriate wattage) capable or powering everything from your small USB-C home devices to MacBooks and PCs. GaN chargers are more efficient, which means that they convert more of the power they receive into useful power for the device being charged. This results in less wasted energy and potentially lower electricity bills.

Heat & Durability

GaN chargers generate less heat than traditional chargers, which can prolong the lifespan of the charger as well as the device being charged. This is great for people who are worried about their devices overheating or for those who want to keep their devices in good condition for a longer period of time. The use of gallium nitride in the charger's internal components provides a higher level of safety compared to traditional chargers, reducing the risk of overcharging, overheating, and other potential hazards. GaN chargers are also more durable, withstanding wear and tear better than traditional chargers, reducing the need for replacements.

Green Charging

With their high efficiency, less energy is wasted during the charging process, reducing your carbon footprint and representing a much more environmentally friendly option for charging than traditional wall adapters. Additionally, GaN technology reduces the footprint and e-waste generated by traditional silicon chargers.

Multi-port Charging

VisionTek GaN chargers provide multiple USB-C ports, enabling charging for multiple devices at once, making them a great option for families or offices where multiple devices need to be charged simultaneously.

GaN II Chargers

VisionTek has developed four new second gen GaN chargers that offer all of the above benefits in sizes to match your specific charging needs.

The Products

GaN II fast charging power adapters from VisionTek will quickly charge your mobile phone or laptop with an ultra portable form factor. VisionTek chargers are up to 60% smaller than standard USB-C chargers and offer the same or better charging performance.


Single Port: 45W
Dual Port: 25W + 20W

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Single Port: 65W
Dual Port: 45W + 20W

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Single Port: 100W
Multi Port: 65W + 18W + 12W + 12W

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Cables & Adapters

VisionTek cables are designed for standard modern mobile devices, Android and iPhone smart devices, and tablets such as iPads. 

Whether you need USB-C to Lightning, USB-A to USB-C or a simple USB-C to USB-C connection, VisionTek has you covered. 

Find our collection of cables here, ideal for charging and data transfer:

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Ultimately, second generation GaN chargers are the best option to replace existing wall adapters due to their future-proof design for future device technology, the versatility of their supported charging, and widespread compatibility with the world’s most popular connection type: USB-C. VisionTek is proud to offer a solution that provides our customers the benefits of fast, efficient, and portable charging.