VisionTek announces powerful new USB-C power adapters

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – January 2023 –  VisionTek Products LLC, (VisionTek®), a leading manufacturer of award-winning, high-performance upgrades and accessories for PCs and Macs, today announced a family of USB-C power adapters that are smaller, faster and more efficient.

USB-C is becoming the de facto standard for charging electronic devices. From tablets to phones to laptops to security cameras to lithium-ion batteries, USB-C is the universal charging platform embraced by consumers for the latest generation of devices. VisionTek continues to launch new products that simplify the user experience and elevate the way users interact with everyday technology. The latest offering, the VisionTek GaN II power adapters, aims to change how people charge their devices.

VisionTek’s new power chargers offer faster charge times, reduce bulk with a small form factor, and eliminate the need for extra adapters at a lower price than old proprietary chargers.

The new products are gallium nitride (GaN) based which:

- Delivers faster performance than silicon-based chargers
- Provides users multiple ports on one charging block, eliminating the need for multiple chargers
- Uses fewer components, making them smaller in size than iPhone, MacBook and PC chargers
- Enables up to 300% faster charging using PD 3.0 technology
- Produces less heat, making them safer than previous types of chargers

The new line includes four products:

- The 35W GaN II dual-port USB-C power adapter
- The 45W GaN II dual-port USB-C power adapter
- The 65W GaN II dual-port USB-C power adapter
- The 100W GaN II quad-port power adapter - Dual USB-C and Dual USB-A

“VisionTek has combined the most recent technologies to create modern product offerings that will eventually replace 99% of the chargers in consumers’ homes,” said Nick Brill, director of product development at VisionTek. “Whether you need faster charging capabilities for your devices at home or need to power up your mobile life more efficiently, our new line of GaN II power chargers will change the way you operate when your devices need a boost. Our mission is to bring the most modern, convenient and powerful PC and mobile technology to consumers today.”

About VisionTek

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