VisionTek’s New VT2900 KVM Docking Station Allows Peripherals to Swap Between Two Computers

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – December 2022 –  VisionTek Products LLC, a leading manufacturer of award-winning, high-performance upgrades and accessories for PCs and Macs, today announced the new VT2900 KVM Docking Station which allows users to swap between two separate systems with the single press of a button. All peripherals, including keyboard, mouse, speakers, webcam and USB accessories can be switched seamlessly from one laptop or home PC to another with ease. Now, users can juggle work and home – one system to another system – without having to reconnect every device on their desk.

“There’s no easier way to run two computers or systems at one desk,” said Michael Innes, President of VisionTek. “The VT2900 Dock provides the inherent capabilities of a classic USB dock and the utility of working in multi-system environments. This device literally bridges the gap between work and home.

”Very few integrated KVM Switches support USB-C, and even fewer provide 100W of power to each system. The VT2900 provides both, delivering a seamless experience for dock users. Only one cable is required to connect user devices ensuring a plug-and-play driverless setup.

Importantly, the VT2900 saves time and effort. Now, laptop and PC users don’t need to worry about a separate setup to differentiate between work and home, or physically disconnecting and reconnecting every accessory from one machine to the next. One cable to each system provides connectivity to all devices. Previously, KVM switches required each port to be mapped with individual cables.

“We are committed to providing customers with long-term solutions that make life easier – in work-from-home situations, mixed-office environments using PC and Mac systems,” said Nick Brill, director of product development and product marketing. “The best part is it makes the most of the tech you already have.”

About VisionTek

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